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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Tooth Saga Continues

Remember back in April of 06 when I blogged about Joe's tooth getting fixed? No, well here's the link for that story.

Joe's Tooth Story
Before and After Pictures

Well, the Saga continues. He's been bumping his tooth on things over the last year, as kids will do. And it's gotten a little loose. The dentist said that if it were to get bumped again, it wouldn't be able to be fixed this time.

Well, last week, he was running with a wooden flute in his mouth, and bumped it pretty good. It got real wiggly. I knew it would be coming out soon. Today, it was hanging on by a thread. Gross. Teeth gross me out.

So during Sacrament meeting today, Joe tries to eat a cracker, and hands me his tooth. Look Mom, it fell out.

Lovely. Now I have a tooth. No pockets. What do I do with his nasty tooth? Luckily, I thought to put it in my purse. It almost made me gag to hold it. Nasty little things. He was just excited to be getting a dollar from the tooth fairy.

So Joe will be Toothless Joe for a few years. Oh well. It builds character, right?


Madison McShinsky said...

Ouch! So will a tooth eventually grow in or is it gone for good?

a said...

It was just his baby tooth. He should get his next one when he's 6 or 7. Poor kid!