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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pics for my Mom

What do you think? I made this 4x6 for my mom, and sent it to her wal-mart so she could pick it up. Aren't I a nice daughter!


Chris & Stephanie said...

Very nice!

a said...

Why thank you!

Madison McShinsky said...

What a good daughter! I never do that for mom! ha,...hey can your video editing software take a movie that is sideways and make it rightway..does that even make sense..? Oh and if I upload a video to youtube or send it to you can you make it alot shorter for me?? I have a video of Ella rolling over, but its really long..I wanted to put music in the background instead of me talking too...

Erin said...

thats so cute, what a creative idea.

a said...'ll have to send me the file though. is great for larger files. i'll see if i can figure it out