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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cherry Hill Park

Here's a few fun pictures from our Playdate at the Park. We met with the Polyaks at 10am. It was SO HOT! I would have gotten more pictures, but we only stayed for about an hour. Tracy and I visited the whole time, then the kids started asking to go home. You know it's bad when the kids start noticing how hot it is!

Here's Joe trying to stop Jim from running away out of the park

And here's Joe Joe. Isn't he cute!

Here's Mirko and Talia....well, just Mirko, I guess.

Talia, Joe, and Mirko. Talia is 6 months older than Jim.

And here's Talia running for the swing. Joe had so much fun pushing her on the swing. It was so cute to watch him be such a gentleman.


Madison McShinsky said...

Wow, she was just little last time I saw her!