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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Yankees are Coming

Today, while the kids were playing outside, we heard a loud boom. I was upstairs at the time, so I went outside to investigate. When I got outside, Joe was all in a panic. He said "The Yankee's are coming", and was looking all around. I had to agree with the kid. I did sound like a cannon. I had to explain to him how there aren't any "Yankee's" today, how we just pretend at the Civil War events. I don't know if he believed me or not. He was still looking around, waiting for the attack to come.


Nathaniel said...

I bet some conspiracy theorists, and other countries, share Joe's concern.

a said...

I just figured it out. The hispanics are shooting off fireworks. Sounds like they have some big ones :)

CSA Brent said...

Hey, our education is sinking in! :)

If you read the League of the South and those idiots, they'll tell you the Yankees are everywhere and that seccession is the only answer...what a bunch of freaks!!

The McCullough Family said...

How funny is that?!

a said...

I think that the older kids understand about the "reenacting" part being pretend, but the little ones have yet to figure it out. Poor Joe.

Mr. Matt said...

LOL, That is funny. Ya the Yankees are coming LOL. I just love to listen to little kids talk.