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Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer is Here

Last Saturday, we set up our little pool. And of course, the next day it rained. And the next few days, it was cold and windy. Isn't that the way it always works :)

So yesterday was Thursday, and it was hot. It got up to the lower 90's, and the kids were so excited! We had quite a few things to do in the morning, but we were home by 2pm. We quickly put on our swim trunks, and headed for the pool. Jim was so excited about the water.

Here's Jim and Eme splashing around. She decided that she didn't need the water wings. She likes going under the water. So we put them on bobcat.

Off goes the first water wing.

Off goes the second water wing.

Here's Eme, posing for the picture.

And here's Jimmy, seconds before he went under. He slipped, then fell, then stood up, then fell, then stood up, then fell again. Needless to say, that took a little wind out of his sails. I quickly hopped in with him, and took a few minutes to get re-used to the water. He wasn't quite as daring as he was in the beginning, but he still wanted to play. He just wanted to say in one spot. Quick learner :)


Lyn said...

it still just seems weird not to have the lake, eh?

Chris & Stephanie said...

Jim's so cute! That's a lot of water for his little body!

Madison McShinsky said...

I remember when Jake was little and I was watching him with Grandma Ida and Grandpa Lucky for some reason..and I took Jake in our little pool and he tried to walk and fell and took in alot of water! It scared me so much(thought i drowned your kid!), I took him out and we didnt go back outside! ha

a said...

I didn't know you almost drowned my kid! Hehehehe.

Jim would have only gone under once, had I not had the camera in my hand. I couldn't get it to safety quickly enough, so I had to rescue him with one arm. So he kept going under. Oops.