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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Planet Hollywood Block Party

Check out our cool old library. Isn't it pretty! We went to the party today at the downtown library, and had a ton on fun.

Isn't this a cool old building

Jimmy (Civil War kid), Jacob (Darth Vadar), Emeline (Princess Leia),
Joe (Spiderman), Tom (Storm Trooper)

Moon golf was the first game that we played. Try and get a ball into the laundry basket with a plastic hockey puck. It would have been much easier if there hadn't been a lip on the laundry basket. But they did pretty good.



Tom - nice shot!

Jimmy - yeah, I'm helping him

And the prize for this one was sunglasses. Even though Joe chose not to participate, Eme did it for him and won him a pair of glasses. Isn't he cute!


Bucket toss was next. The had 3 bean bags, and were to throw it into the buckets. Jacob, Thomas, and Emeline did great. Joe refused completely to cooperate. Jimmy loved it. They won necklaces when they were done. I had to get Joe's because he wouldn't even pick on out. Turkey.

And here's Joe with the glasses that he just got from the last booth. He stood in line, punched out the plastic shade, then ripped off the arm piece. Jimmy is trying to give it back to him, but he doesn't want it. Nice.

Waiting in line was a big part of what we did. But the kids had fun. Jimmy was tired and needed his nap. I think if we'd have had a stroller, he would have been much happier.






Yes, it was a costume party, so I wore a costume. I wanted to have fun with the kids. I wanted them to remember that their mom was willing to get down and play with them. I dress up.

But even I would know better than to go here.

Temporary Tattoos were next. They had princess stuff, space stuff, animals, and snakes. Don't know what the boys picked, but I know that Eme got a nice pink and red heart. She's definitely a girl!




We saved the Ice Cream booth for near the end. It was a warm day (mid 80's at 10 am), and we needed some cool treats and some water. We took our food over by the side of the library, the one place with some shade. It was nice and refreshing. It was the one time the whole trip that I didn't have to fight with Jim to keep him where he was supposed to be. Boy does he like ice cream :)

Jimmy and his ice cream


Joe and Eme


Darth Jake


Lyn said...

What an incredible thing to do for the kids! Way to go Joliet!! And way to go Bethany for being the mom who gets involved in everything so her children can have a great summer!

Madison McShinsky said...

Wow, thats some Mrs., that looks like soo much fun! Thats way fun that you dressed up look really hot though!

a said...

She's something, eh? Kinda funny.

It was a bit warm, but not too bad. We're going to Indiana this weekend for another Civil War event, and it should be hot. Fun :)

Nathaniel said...

At least that lady didn't dress up as Wonder Woman or something more... blinding.

Jeeze, I bet Jake was baking in that black Vader suit.

Is Tom left-handed, or just goofing around with that hockey stick?

That was nice of Eme to win Joe some prizes.

Jim's a smart boy. Ice cream is awesomeness in food form.