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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Anyone Know How to Remove Super Glue from Toddler Teeth?

I don't even know where to begin. First of all, I really am a good mom. I try real hard. I know I'm not perfect, but no one is. I just happen to have a kid that likes to put stuff in his mouth. So don't call CPS on me!

He loves to suck on bottles of stuff. Like toothpaste. And lotion. And anti-fungal foot cream (expensive too). And antibiotic ointment. And Elmer's glue. And glue sticks. And anything else in a bottle or tube.

So Brent and I were doing yard work today, and the kids were watching a movie. I look up at the screen door, and Jimmy is crying. I go over to see what's wrong, and he has a tube of Super Glue. Yep, Super glue. The lid is open, and he's sucked it dry. His lips are stuck together and the tube is glued to his fingers.

We run him to the sink, and manage to loosen his mouth (thank goodness for baby drool). Surprisingly, the glue is coming off ok. Apparently, the Super Glue solidifies almost instantly when it comes into contact with a liquid. Hence, it's almost impossible to swallow liquid Super Glue. That was a relief.

So we got most of the glue off of his lips and hands. I sat with him for quite a while and fished out chunks of Super Glue from inside of his mouth. It was caked onto his teeth. We never could get it off of the teeth. The internet said that it should be gone in a day or two. At least on the lips. I'd assume that the teeth are the same.

So, any ideas to remove Super Glue from Toddler teeth?

He's messy from eating brownies with chocolate frosting in the heat. That's pretty messy. Maybe the brownie will eat away at the Super Glue!


Lyn said...

You are not just a good mom you are a great mom. you have a busy bunch and they make you the great mom that you are....

Anonymous said...

Front teeth or back teeth? I know they say acetone-based nail polish remover gets it off skin, but that's scary to put in his mouth...

Anonymous said...

recommends margarine. Good luck!

a said...

It is his front teeth, mostly on the top. I'll try the margarine trick. Heck, he loves to eat that stuff anyway. The trick may be to get it on there for 20 minutes. Maybe when he's sleeping.