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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lunch at Crackle Barrel

This is one of our favorite-est restaurants! And the best part was when the waitress complemented us on how well behaved and nice our children were. I love to hear those kinds of compliments! So we bought our kids some candy in the store when we were done eating. Well done, Harty kids!


Nathaniel said...

Crackle Barrel is the stuff. I love Joe's retro Cardinal's jersey. I used to have one just like it.

a said...

Someone gave us that one. It was from when there kids were little. So its an authentic retro shirt :)

Madison McShinsky said...

I like the pot roast..mmmm..and the mac n cheese...although I was pregnant and puked most of it up! ha, it was good though!

a said...

I had a Chicken BLT. It was awesome! Brent had the Reuben. Jim got the mac n cheese, Joe the Mac n cheese and fries, Eme the burger and mac n cheese, as did Tom, and Jake got the burger and fries. Yum!