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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After the Pool

After a long afternoon in the pool, the mail came, and we got our next blockbuster movie. We all came inside to have a little quality time with the TV. I know, I'm a great mom :)

Joe, with towel and goggles

Tom and the water gun. I think I told that boy about 5 times to leave that thing outside, but here it is, on my couch. Nice.
Jim and the George Forman grill, and fruity pebbles. Don't ask.

Jacob and the TV. Can you tell what he's watching?

Toothless Joe

Eme, freshly out of the pool


Nathaniel said...

Can't quite tell for sure, but that vaguely looks like the actress that played the Prime Minister on Doctor Who. So, my guess is Doctor Who.

a said...

Very good! We got the 1st DVD from the 2nd season from Blockbuster today. So we watched the christmas invasion, and the one where Casandra takes over Rose and there's all the sick people, and the cat people.

Beth said...

If Fruity Pebbles and a George Foreman grill = Happy Kid.... we won't ask any questions :)

a said...

do you ever just pretend that you don't see what they're doing, because it's not that bad, and they're not bugging you at the moment? does that make me a bad mom :)

Beth said...

No.. that makes you a SANE mom :)