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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Walking Baby

Jimmy is getting really good at walking. He can get up by himself, and walk across the room if he goes slowly. Way to go.

Civil War Chair

This is a chair that Brent made for us to take with us to the civil war reenactments. Isn't it cool!

Tom Racing Little Jacob

Here's Tom racing his buddy Jacob. They go to the same school, both are in 1st grade and Tiger cubs, but not in the same class. But they did seem to know each other. Anyway, they seemed pleased to see each other. The boys had fun with the boats.

And the Winners Are....

Thomas got 2nd place, and Jacob got 3rd. I really liked the way that they pack did it. They timed all of the races, 3 in total I think, then added the times. The 2 people with the fastest times got first, next 2 got 2nd, next 2 got 3rd. All 6 boys got a medal. Really smart. My boys were pleased. Especially concidering that we didn't know it was the raingutter regatta (our first meeting), and they let Tom and Jake borrow a little sisters boat. Pretty spiffy.

Group Shot!

Here are all of the kids! I sure like them!

Jake and Mom

I didn't know what else to do when we showed up to scouts 45 minutes early on accident. We got out the camera and started taking pictures.

Mom and Tom

Well, it was supposed to be mom and tom, but eme jumped on in. Oh well, she's cute too!

Pack 140

Here are Thomas and Jacob at our first pack meeting for pack 140. Aren't they cute!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Toms Shirt

OK, you'll have to use your imagination for this one. I still need to make suspenders and he wasn't wearing his period pants, but he's pretty cute all the same.

My New Dress

Do you like my dress? I"ve added undersleeves and an apron. I think that it looks much better!

Jimmy Gets Stitches

Jimmy and Jacob were outside playing last Friday, and Jimmy fell and cut his head on a big rock. Jacob brought him back inside, and there was blood everywhere! We took him to the ER at 3pm, and at 8pm, we were home and Jim had 8 stitches. What a day! We took the stitches out on Wednesday night, and it looked fine.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Jimmys Walker

He was such a little old man with a walker here! It was a kick. He instantly wanted down from the couch after opening this present, and he just started walking with it. And fast. And when he fell down, he whinned and complained until someone helped him up, and he was off like a flash again. What a riot. He was so serious. Funny kid!

Poor Kid

Do you notice how this poor kid has a glazed over look on his face in all of these pictures. What's up with that JIm?

Messy Face Birthday Boy

What a messy baby! OK, it could have been much worse, but you didn't have to clean him up!

Happy Birthday Jimmy

Here's a pic of Jim blowing (ok, so i blew it out) out his candle. Unfortunately, Brent forgot to put on the flash, so all of the pics are blury. He had brownines with ice cream and magic shell topping. Pretty tasty. Actually, he'd just woken up from his nap, and we'd already eaten dinner. We gave him his ice cream first, and he played in it, but really wanted his spaghetti. Poor kid.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What a Good Picture

We want to make this picture old fashioned somehow. I need to put it into photoshop. Antique it or something. Anyway, we liked it.

Eme and Brent

Can you say, Laura and Pa? Little house on the prarie-ish, aren't we. But I think that they look just adorable! Eme loved her new outfit, and thinks that she's all that!

She's in this picture too, but you can't see her face. The little girl with the bonnett is her. The other little girl is one of the many "instant best friends" that Eme makes where ever she goes!

Mom Gets Into the Action

So this is what I looked like when I got to Lockport.
And this is what I looked like when I left!

Abe and Jim

As if a picture with Abraham Lincoln is not cool enough, this is the second picture of Jim and Abraham Lincoln. Last year, at the Minooka event, when Jim was only 4 weeks old or so, we had ole Abe hold Jimmy for a picture. Now we have 2 pics, 1 year apart!

Brent and the Flag

On the way back from battle (we won, by the way), the troop let Brent carry the flag.

Civil War Jimmy

Look at my littlest soldier!

And the Battle Begins

Look at the smoke rolling out of the musckett of the horse guy on this last picture! Amazing.

The Troops March Out

Here's Brents unit, the 26th North Carolina (Sorry if I messed that up), waiting for orders to march out to the battle field.

And here's the Union troops marching out to the battle field. There were sure a lot of them. The marched nicely and crisply to the battle.

And here's Brent's unit, chuckling at the Union officers. I wonder if it's a chuckle of fear :)

Brent and Jimmy

OK, so I lied. I did have a pic of Brent and Jimmy. But he is safely buckeled into this stroller!

Brent, Emeline, and Joseph at Lockport Civil War Days

And here's the rest of the kids. Well, not Jimmy, but he was safely buckeled into the stroller. Poor Jimmy. I guess though, the few times we did let him out, he crawled stright to the fire, and then again, straight for the dog poop.

Brent Jacob and Thomas at Lockport Civil War Days

Here's some of my boys! Brent left the house at about 10:00, and we followed behind at around 12:30. He was already in camp getting ready. The kids and I walked around the Suttlers village, through the Union camp, past the ampitheater where President Lincoln was giving a speech, and finally found the Confederate camp.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Jacob

Here's Jacob, blowing out his "candles". Well, they're matches, but you get the idea. Can you believe that he's 9 all ready! We had a fun party!