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We're moving again! Well, not physically, but my blogger account is full, and I'm moving to a new blog location.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here At Last

OK, for those of you who are tired of looking at our carpet, here I am. We're in Ohio at Scout Camp, and getting things set up. We're just waiting for our house to sell, then we'll buy a different one.

The kids start school day after Labor Day, so they haven't missed anything yet. We do have a phone at the camp, but our cell's are out of range. Call my mom if you need the number. Or call my cell, and leave me a message. I can pick them up when I go into town.

Eme and Joe start school the week after the big kids. They have preschool 2 days a week. Pretty handy. Things are good, and we're enjoying the ruralness of it all! Take care, and I'll try and post some pics in the next week or so!!

Miss blogging with you all :(

Bethany :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My New Carpet

It's so pretty, and we're not allowed to walk on it. I gated the entrance between the kitchen/living room, and no kids are allowed. Heck, I'm not even gonna walk on it much. It's so pretty. What do you think?


Wow. This is pathetic. This is NOT real camping. Come on. I guess they're out in nature, but it really isn't camping. I guess that's why it's called Glamping.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


REally, this is the way to do it, if you have to do it yourself. Of course, movers are the best. But, if you can't, try pods. They drop it off in your driveway, you fill it, they pick it up, they store it till it's ready to go, they move it to the new town, then deliver it to your new location when your ready, and they come back and pick up the empty pods and take it away. It's brilliant!

Here's our first pod. We filled it pretty quickly.

Here's the 2nd one. I thought it was gonna be only 1/2 full, but it filled up rather quickly too. So, we may have to come back to get a few more things over the next few months.


I really will miss this house. It was a good one. Sure, it had its problems, but I still liked it.

Aren't these flowers pretty. Gladiolies.

Here's the walking path up to the house, and the diving line between our house and the neighbors.
Here's the above view of the new brick retaining wall. In case you haven't noticed it, I'm blogging so much today because I'm so burnt out on moving. I'm tired, and I'm a little anxious about the impending move. So, I'm blogging today instead of doing what I should be doing. Packing, cleaning, and organizing. Nice.
Here's a retaining wall that Brent built for us. Isn't it good!

Check out this awesome new fence that Brent built. He's so Handy. Of course, the first thing that the kids said was, "It's a civil war fence!"Here's the trees that we planted. Those $1.50 ones from Wal-Mart.

Bye Sister Simco

I won't miss much about Chicago, but Joy Simco, I will miss! She was so awesome the time we lived here. She was just like a Grandma to my kids. When Jim was born, she'd watch him during Church so I could do my primary calling. I was so glad that she did that for us.

Over the year or so, we've developed a great friendship. She'd take the kids to the park, or to her house to play, or over for a sleep over. She got them presents when she went to pick up Margie at Disneyworld last summer. I got to go to a concert in the City with her to see Andrew play. We hang out in RS and at church functions. I so enjoy her company.

I really will miss Joy, and I'm sure the kids will too. They love Sister Simco (Sinco Sinco, as Joe used to call her). She came over today to say good-bye. Andrew has an orchestra thing in Columbus in October, so we may get to see her then. And, I'm planning on coming back in Dec for Moreen's reception. We'll miss you, Joy!

Movie Time

Typically, I try and limit the amount of time that my kids watch TV. But all bets are off when a move is near. Here's Jim, watching CARS, from Disney. It's the only thing holding his sanity together. He loves that show. Silly bobcat.

While this may look like a mess, it's actually pretty organized. Each kid has a red box with their clothes to take to the cabin. (Jake and Tom has some overlap) There shoes are in there too. That way, I know where everyones stuff is supposed to go.

Here they are watching a Care Bear movie. Eme and Jim, that is.

The Pile Needing to be Moved

Thanks to the Newmans, for coming and helping us move this monster pile of stuff to the PODS. It would have taken us hours without them. And look how you can see the 3 colors from the kitchen. The peach, the yellow, and the tan/green. Nice, eh?

Here's the tan/green color. we have 1 gallon left, so we're taking it to the new house, whenever that comes :)

Jacob and Thomas, hard at work. Well, the Newmans haven't gotten there yet, so it's ok. They were good helpers when the moving team arrived. They didn't want to help, but they did work hard.

Things I Never Thought I'd Have To Say (To My Kids)

Stop licking your brother/sister

Don't pee in the water bottle

We don't use our teeth in kisses

You're face is in my butt

Take your brother out of the laundry bag

We don't dip our bread in the toilet

Stop hitting the fridge with the hammer

We don't eat diaper cream/foot cream/toothpaste/lotion

Stop touching the poop

We don't eat boogers

Ketchup does not go with pancakes

We don't cut power cords with needle nose pliers

AND, My favorite:

Keep your pee pee in your diaper

In the Home Stretch

We're almost done. Well, maybe that's not right. It's almost time to leave. We're far from done :) Here are the kids, just hanging out in the morning, watching He-Man. Remember He-man? I loved it growing up. My brother had all the toys. It was kind of funny, because I heard Jacob saying "By the Power of Gay Stone". Yeah, that's just a little off. "By the Power of Grayskull". That's more like it :)
Sweet Eme
Happy TomJacob's nice smile :)
Smile JIM!
OK, now show me your grouchy face :)
Sitting in your undies, watching TV. What could be better :)
Joe and his nice smile