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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Random Happenings

Here's General Lee. He's awesome!
Poor Eme, good thing she doesn't melt!
We got soaked!
Some nice cavalry shots for Brent
Look at this huge line of confederate soldiers!

So most of the time, Yankee's won't die. You shoot them, and they still keep coming :) Well, at Boscobel, they died gloriously on Saturday. It was so solemn on the battlefield when the reenactment was over. Very moving.
It was like a sea of blue. Very sad.
Here's Joe, watching the battle with me. I don't know where Eme and Tom were, and Jim was sleeping back in the tent. Jake was in the battle with his dad.
Here's our last photo with the 26th North Carolina.
And here's another one with Captain Paul in it.
Joe Joe!
Such a cutie
Awe, aren't they cute!
Brent and Tom, after a hard day of day camp
Here's Eme, center of attention
Tom with his soda rocket
Jacob at the BB gun range. He earned his shooting badge thing.

Yeah, that badge
Jimmy and I and all the tots from tot lot doing "The Shark Song" as our skit.
Yeah, here we are :)


Anonymous said...

Beth honey, you are SOOOOOOO my hero!!!!!! You are an amazing young lady that I am so proud of! Aunt Sue

a said...

Thanks, Aunt Sue :)

Anonymous said...

I'd have to second what your aunt Sue said about you and add that you are a talented photographer, wonderful mom, great seamstress and a super daughter-in-law. Thanks for all that you do. NC Harty's love you.

Maddie said...

Camping and wet are not my most favorite combination...looks like you guys still had fun though!

a said...

it wasn't too cold when the rain hit. Acutally ,it was a nice break from the hot. still, not the most fun.