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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pizza Party

Yummy. Who doesn't like a nice pepperoni pizza. Did I like it, you ask? Don't know. I ate a lovely meal bar. Yes, it was quite tasty. I do love those meal bars, you know. So satisfying. Just as good as pizza..............

Rainbow At The Scout Office

Here's a pretty rainbow that we found from the parking lot at the Scout office. Brent was on his way back from Circleville, and we were just getting done with Walmart. We bought 2 $5 pizzas from Dominos, and met Brent at the Scout office. Nice place for a picnic on a wet day. It was closed, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

At the Bus Stop

Here are Jim and I at the bus stop. We got there at 3:10, and the bus got there at 3:45. Nice. Promptness is always good, eh? So here are a few pics from our wait.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Group Pictures

Here are a few group shots from our trip to Lexington Virginia. We really did have a great time. What fun it is to visit with family.

School Pictures

OK, so I was cheap, and didn't actually pay for school pictures, but aren't these just as good. And they have nice landscape in the background. And they were almost free. Very nice combo, wouldn't you say? Here they are, my cute kids.

Lexington Virginia

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jacob's New Look

So Jacob's been having a bit of a problem fitting in in his new school. It's tough to move in the 5th grade. Kids are cruel. They like to make fun of him, and he's a bit tired of it all.

Well, last night, we went in to Goodwill to get him some new jeans. He grows like a weed, and didn't have any pants that fit. We found this neat pant/jacket set that he LOVES. He woke up extra early today to take a shower so we could gel his hair, and he was ready to go. A little bit of Dad's AXE cologne, and he was styling.

He was very proud of himself, I must say. Doesn't he look handsome?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phone Numbers

OK Mom, don't freak out. These aren't MY phone numbers. :)

So, for any of you who've bought from, and want to talk to a real person, and can't seem to find the number, here it is:


I hope this helps.

Also, here's the number for Netscape, for when you want to cancel. I tried sending a letter, but it came back "Return to Sender". Stupid Netscape. I hate dial-up. When we first got to camp, we didn't know that the camp has it's own internet dial up username and password. Handy. So, here's that Netscape phone number



You decide. A few houses up from the switchback turning down the drive into camp, there is this house. OK, it's a trailer. The guy's added on to the back. He has this little garden out front. In front of the garden is a sign that reads "TEST PLOT" "DON'T EAT; MAY BE DANGEROUS"

OK, so the guy doesn't want anyone to eat his veggies. Maybe this tactic will keep them away. I saw him out front working on the garden one day. He had silver crazy hair, a pot belly, no shirt, and old overalls. Lovely mental image for you, I'm sure.

Well, I never got around to taking a pic of the vegetable sign, but I did notice, after the garden in the front yard was dying off, that there was another sign on the door. This one is priceless. It says "WARNIN: MOSS DISEASE" SO funny!

Lep Petroglyphs

Here are some pictures of the actual Petroglyphs. Pretty cool, eh?

Leo Petroglyphs

Check out these cool pics that we took in Leo, Ohio. At the parking lot, there were petroglyphs on a rock from indians, over 700 years old. That was pretty neat. Then, we hiked down into the gully, and saw these awesome rock formations. They looked very similar to the ones in Southern Illinois. Very impressive. It made for a fun Saturday afternoon adventure.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Many Faces of Jimmy

Wow, these took a long time to put on. So, there's only 4, and they're all of Jim, but isn't he cute! These are a few pics from our Cub Scout day on Saturday. Howlin' at the Moon. It was a Saturday/Sunday event, with lots of different things for the Cub Scouts to do. Our family and Merele (with the horses) did a Civil War station. It was a lot of fun