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Monday, May 22, 2006

So I Can't Crawl...So What!

OK, so the baby at church that was born 1 1/2 weeks after Jim has been crawling for about a month. Jimmy has other skills. Like drooling and growing chunk!

I'm Zoning

Here's Joe, zoning on the couch, but he still pauses to smile for a picture!

Shhhh....I"m watching cartoons!

Good Morning Jim

Sunday, May 21, 2006

20 Temple Touches

Our stake has introduced a new program that we are doing. It's called the 20 temple touches. The idea is to have 20 "touches" with the temple, not necessarily visit to the temple. One of ours was to take a picture of ourselves at the temple. We haven't gotten up there yet, and now that gas is about 3.00 a gallon, we decided to photoshop ourselves in. We'll get up there soon!

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!

When asked what the kids would get for their Uncle Joe, if they could buy anything they wanted for him, this was their response! In case you couldn't tell, the boxes were supposed to be "thought bubbles". My weak photoshop couldn't handle it though. You get the idea!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jimmy and the Alligator

Does alligator have 2 l? Not sure if thats right. Anyway, Jacob and Thomas got these big blow up water toys a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree. Jimmy was having a grand old time chewing and licking the alligator. Funny baby!

Lazy Day at Home

Ok, so it's never quite a lazy day, but we were at home! We're trying to unpack after being packed up for the last month. Now the question is, where did all of this stuff go? It's not quite fitting in the way that it used to! I'm sure we'll make it work though.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thunderstorm Warnings!

It was curious that the storm was in such a straight line. After about 3 minutes, it was on top of us, and now, 20 minutes later, it's sunny in spots again. The weather sure moves around fast!

What A Scare!

Today, when we were finally finished cooking dinner, and ready to sit down, we discovered we didn't knwo where Joe was. We looked in every room, every closet, the bathrooms, outside, downstairs, upstairs, everywhere we could think of. He was simply not there. After about 5 minutes, I was almost panicked. Finally, we found him, curled up in a ball with his coat, at the foot of Jake and Toms bunkbed, sound asleep. What a scare he gave us all!

Cheerio Goatee

Check out the silly baby. He loves food, and the messier, the better! He has a cheerio hanging from the drool on his chin. How fitting!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kids on the Trampoline!

Jimmy is Cute!

Look how big he is! We had to pull out the 18 month clothes. He looks so much better in them than squeezing in some of his other clothes! And this blue shirt makes his eyes so pretty.

Joe with Olives

OK, Eme is in this pic too, but Joe didn't get one of his own. By the time we got around to the individual shot of him, he'd taken his olives off, and was grouchy. Poor Joe!

Walrus Man!

Even Dad got in on the fun!

Olive Girl!

I can still remember doing this when I was little!

Funny Carrot Boy

Jacob is funny, with carrots, and olives, and his scab on his head!

Olive Man!

Check out funny Tom Tom with olive fingers!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Here I Am!

Yes, it's me! I had Tom take this picture, hence the perspective is a little off. Isn't my hair getting long?

Friday, May 12, 2006


Aren't my boys cute!

Full Tub

There's sure not much room left in here. I don't think we could squeeze anyone else in here!

It was the funniest thing. When we put Jim in with the 2 big kids, he instantly started splashing. He didn't stop until we pulled him out 10 mintues later. The big kids thought this was very funny at first, but we very glad to be rid of their splashy friend by the time he left!

Check out the water being splashed around in Joe Joe's picture!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Toy Time

Here's Jimmy, sitting on the couch, playing with his toy attachment for his walker. Handy that it can be removed. He really likes it. He especially loves to chew and drool on it. Funny baby.

Pisza or Babel?

I put the kids in this pic for perspective. It really doesn't do justice to the enormity of the laundry pile.

See the arch behind the laundry. see how it fills more than half of the space. That arch is huge. Anyway, I'll get to it later today. I need to take another antibiotic, and my pain meds are due soon. That must be why i'm getting this terrible headache!

It never was really gone, it was only medicated :)

Em & Jim

Eme has really taken a big interest in her baby brother lately. She likes to pick him up, to hold him, to feed him cheerios, to play with him, and help him feel better when he cries. What a great little "Mommy" she has become!

All Smiles

Joe likes his picture taken, most of the time. What a pretty face!


You'd think we never held this chunky little baby! He's so cute, but pittiful. Poor baby!

Nap Time

Joe fell asleep on the couch the other day, and I couldn't resist this precious sleeping picture!

Old Navy Sandals

Jim was having a grand old time sitting on the floor, eating my old navy sandals. He'd hold them up to his face, look at them really seriously, study them, lick them...It was really funny.


What happens when Mom and
Dad are sick and out of commission? 8 loads of laundry pile up, and it makes a fun mountain for the kids to play in.

I have strep throat, and Brent is recoverning from....well, ask him :)

Hopefully, we'll both feel better soon. It's amazing what drugs can do for a person.

If only we could teach the little kids to fold the laundry!