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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Harty Family Mission Statement & Rules

The weekend of April 29 & 30 was Joliet Stake Conference. Of course, we learned a lot out of all the sessions (Leadership, Adult, and General). One of the things we did this Sunday so that we could re-establish some order during the ordeal called 'selling your house' was to make our Family Mission Statement and 6 rules that corresponded to it. We actually were counseled to do this last sunday from our High Councilor, but were eager to do it today. So, Jacob, Tom, Mom & Dad all sat down to make some guidelines that we hope will be of great service to our family in the years to come.

The Harty Family Mission Statement

Our Mission Is:

§ To follow the Savior by making and keeping sacred covenants

§ Daily work to all feel happy, needed, peaceful, safe, and organized

§ Always remember and live as such to attain our ultimate goal of being a family forever with Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Harty Family Rules Are:

Be Respectful

Be Obedient

Be Grateful

Be Happy

Be Smart

Be Clean

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jim Harty

Check out the chunk on that kid!

Look how good Jim is sitting up now! He's even starting to get brave and rock forward a little bit. Soon he'll be crawling, and walking, and running, and getting into everything!

Jimmy is such a little chunky kid. He's wearing size 12 month clothes, but you sure can't tell!

Before and After Pictures of Joes Tooth

Joe's New Tooth

Joe Joe finally got his new tooth! Back in October, he fell at church, in the entry way, on the tile floor, and busted
half of his front tooth out. We took him to the dentist the next day, and they said that he needed a pediatric root canal. He had to have a specialist do it, because they couldn't do it there. They gave us a referral to a place in Naperville. I called them, and they said that they could get him in on February 14th. That seemed like a long time away, but we took the appointment. We called around to see if anywhere else could get us in faster. The problem was that we had State Insurance, and no one else would take us. It would cost us $450 to get it fixed sooner. So we decided to wait it out. We were excited when Feb. 14th came, and took him to Naperville for his appointment. But, when we got in with the dentist, much to our suprise, he said "Yep, he needs a pediatric root canal. Lets get it scheduled" I couldn't believe it. We already knew that! It was for April 24th. So we waited again. By this time, his tooth was starting to turn green, and be a little stinky. He was to be in Naperville (1 hour away) at 7 am on an empty stomach. He and Brent woke up at 5:30, left the house by 6:10, and got to the dentist by 7:05. By 7:20, Brent called the dentist to see where he was (no one was there), and the dentist apologized, and said he'd be there shortly. He was there by 7:45, and the procedure was finished 25 minutes later. They gave Joe some drinkable medicine that made him really loopy. He was hallucinating, and pointing and saying "look" at nothing. Brent said at first it was comical, but later is was sad. He was in a lot of pain. The mummy strapped him to the chair, and only his feet and head were showing. The gave him several shots in his gums, and put that little thingy in your mouth to hold it open. That really hurt him. Poor little Joe Joe. Luckily, the loopy medicine would make him forget what had happened, so he wouldn't remember any of it. Good thing too, cause that would be tramatic for a little fellow. When it was all over, he was stilly loopy acting. He was wandering in circles, tipping over, and showing everyone his tooth. He'd put his fingers in his mouth, and pry open his mouth, and show everyone all of his teeth. It was kind of silly. By the time he got home, he was feeling a little better, but I could tell that he was still off. He'd just try and run around, and fall down, and wasn't really very clear. He's eyes seemed a little glazed. He was fine, though, in about 3 hours. And he's totally back to normal now! He likes to show people his new tooth, and is very proud of it!


We took brent to the doctor yesterday, and he has bronchitis. I thought that it was the flu, but the doctor told us otherwise. He's now on antibiotics, some new asthma medicine for the next week, and lots of rest. Poor guy feels so sick. He's slept a lot the last few days, and is starting to feel better today. I did take a picture of him last night to put on, but that wouldn't be nice. Hopefully he starts to feel better for the last few days of his vacation.

Jacobs Scout Achievements

Way to go, Jacob! He finally receives his Wolf badge (he earned it in Feb), he gets 7 arrow points, and earns his World Conservation badge.

We had fun at the Pack meeting, which had a bird theme. We played bird games, ate "bird" food, and wore bird feathers. All in all, it was a great meeting.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Look how big my boys are getting. OK, so Jimmy is getting bigger faster than Joe, but that's ok. We have one chunky baby, and one skinny baby.

Jimmy weighs 21 lbs, and Joe Joe weighs 30 lbs. Thats really not that much difference. Silly boys. We love you!

Bathtime Brothers

Joe and Jimmy got a fun bath this morning. Jacob was put in charge of feeding the baby his cereal and juice for breakfast. He does a great job. I was cooking french toast.

But, when the food for the big kids, Jacob set down the baby food. Luckily, it was on the table, and out of baby range. Unfortunately, Emeline picked it up and decided to feed the baby. She, though, left it out where the baby could reach it. When we looked back, Jimmy was covered from the chest up with sticky baby cereal. Needless to say, he went straight to the bath.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


If you look really close in the background of the picture a few postings below, you'll see this! It's the one with Brent smiling after he blew out the candles.

We didn't realize that he'd been caught on "film". The homemade Creamy Italian Dressing was left out on the counter without a lid, and unfortunately, so was Jimmy. He poured it all down the counter, down the curtain, down the wall, on the molding, and on the floor. It even got Tom's hand. That takes skill!

Red Bull Gives You Wings!

Brothers at the Ballpark

Here we have Jake and Jim, enjoying a soda at the game! Aren'tsoda! they cute! No Jim, you're not old enough to drink yet!

Skybox Fun

Here are a few good shots of the ballpark. Watching the game from the skybox is really the way to go. If you didn't want to sit and watch the game in your seat, there were 2 flat panel tv's near the food to look at. Pretty sweet.

Jacob and Jim watching the game from their seats.

Brent, Joe, and Rme, sitting on the stairs near the seats.

And here I am, guarding the door and making sure no kids escaped!

The game was on April 22, 2006

Our First Train Ride

Well, I guess that Brent and Tom had been on a train before, but as a group, it was our first time! We took the train (Metra) from Joliet to LaSalle St. in Chicago, beginning to end. We sat on the 2nd level, and the kids thought it was so cool.

Here are the kids at the station, waiting for the train, as Dad hurries around looking for the ticket area, and quarters for parking (come to find out none were needed for weekends!).

Our train left at 4:25, and got to the city at 5:35. We walked 6 blocks to State and Van Buren Ave. There, we caught the "EL", the Red Line, or the Subway (but I was told at church the next day that it was not a subway). We took it about 20 blocks, down to 35th at Cellular Field. It was quite an adventure! We enjoyed every minute of it!

Here We Go, White Sox, Here We Go!

Here we are, at the White Sox Game! One of the perks with the Chicago Area Council for the Boys Scouts of America, is that we get Sky Box seats for a White Sox game once a year!

This is definately the way to watch a baseball game. We had chicken, hot dogs, potatoes, subs, salad, fruit plate, and our choices of 15 gourmet desserts. I was in heaven!

And for the icing on the cake, the Sox won!

When the Sox win a home game, they have an awesome fireworks display. They were so neat. I, coming from Florence Oregon, and having that be the only experiece with fireworks on the 4th of July, was very impressed with US Cellular Fields show. It was set to music, and 20 minutes long. It was quite spectacular!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Yet Another Bedroom Makeover

OK, I know I just posted a picture of my bedroom makeover. Well here's the story. I bought a new comforter set from KMart, and liked the pattern, but hated the feeling. It was crunchy, and cheap feeling. But I had just bought purple accessories to match with the bedroom and curtains.

I decided to try and take back the set to KMart, and see if I could return it. I bagged up the ruffel, the sheets (top and bottom), and the pillowcases in big ziplock bags. Then I folded up the comforter and wrapped it in saran wrap. Pretty tricky, eh? Anyway, they took it back, no questions asked. The set was only $40.

Then I went on the hunt for a new set. Brent and I decided that we could spend a little more, for something that would last longer, and feel much better. Jim, Joe, Eme, and I went to Target, KMart, Walmart, Sears, JCPenney, Carson Something, and a few others before we finally decided on the set that we liked. Then at Walmart, we picked out nice fabric for curtains. At KMart, we got some nice accessories. It was quite fun, but the kids were definately ready to be home when it was all said and done.

I Love Food!

Jimmy sure loves his food! Here is Jim, having finished his Vegetable Dinner with Chicken, and licking the jar, just to be sure!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Dear Brent!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Brent! Today, April 21st, 2006 was Brent's 34th birthday. He had a busy work day, but still got home about 4:00. We ate dinner outside on the patio, and then had a yummy strawberry cake with a layer of ice cream. The candles were sparkler candles, and we sure had a time trying to light them all. 34 is a lot of candles!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Our Handsome Little Boy

Joseph Guild Harty is such a cute little boy! He loves the trampoline, and bouncing with his family. Some of his favorite things are balls, GI Joes, candy, Thomas the Train, and ham.

Trampoline Fun

One of the kids most favorite trampoline games is "horse". Dad is the horse, and they are the cowboys!

Giddy-up Joe Joe!

Giddy-up Tom Tom!

Giddy-up Eme!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Scary Bathroom Gets A Makeover

I was amazed at how nicely the upstairs bathroom cleaned up! If I had known, I would have fixed it much sooner!

It got new paint, peach on the lower, and yellow on the upper and ceiling. We put up a new shelf/over toliet cabinet, got a new towel bar, painted the trim, hung a new picture, and painted the sink cabinet.

The shower curtain was bought just a few days ago, and is so pretty. It has pink flowers that tie in well with the maroon towel.

This room has gone from the one room that I hated to go into, to one of my most favorite rooms in the house!

Our New Dining Room/Living Room

Here's a picture of the living room/dining room combo. We've repainted the dining room yellow, and the living room minty green.

We moved the nice kitchen table set into the dining room, and got pretty new drapes. They are light blue, red, and white stripes, with red accent at the top. It's so pretty!

My New Bedroom

Here's a picture of my new bedroom. We used to have our bedroom upstairs, and we moved it downstairs into the boys room. They have taken over the upstairs, and now each have their own room.

We got a new comforter set, with creams and purples, and greens. It's really pretty. It matches perfectly with the curtains that I made for the boys. How good am I?

Grandma Ida's New Car

Grandma Ida got a new Dodge Stratus in April of this year!

It's a '97, and shiny silver. It has a hydrolic seat, which puts her high enough to see over the steering wheel.

Now Grandma can come and go as she pleases, without fear of leaving oil marks all around.

Taylor Winona, Stuck in the Car for a Day

Here's my niece Taylor (my brother Terry's little girl), in the car with Grandma and Grandpa Winona on the way home from a trip to visit
Aunt Madi in Utah.

She has her "zoo" friends from the Utah Zoo (really, from DI), and was watching movies all the way home, all 14 hours.

2nd Generation Jammies

Can you believe it? The jammies that Jimmy is wearing are the same jammies that were Brent's when he was a baby.

These jammies are a 2 pieces, with snaps on the top, and no feet in the pants. They are actually in good shape for being 30+ years old! They sure don't make clothes like they used to!

Meet the Hartys

Brent Leander Harty
born: 21 April 1972

Bethany Lyn Harty
born: 12 Dec 1975

Jacob Hampton Harty
born: 31 Aug 1997

Thomas Lee Harty
born: 5 Nov 1999

Emeline Melissa Harty
born: 14 Oct 2001

Joseph Guild Harty
born: 12 Aug 2003

James Brownlee Harty
born: 11 Sep 2005