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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jimmy and His Bathrobe

Actually, it's Joe Joe's bathrobe, but Jimmy liked it. We put him in it, and he took off. Running down the driveway. Silly boy. This was taken in North Carolina the day we left.

Who Would Win?

OK, in a battle between Darth Vader, and Darth Vader, who would win?

No Pics Please!

Now I told you, please don't take my picture. I don't think that you heard me. I don't want my picture to be taken. But alas, I still see the camera in your hand. Please, stop!


Look at all that cute blond hair!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jimmy and Dale

Aren't they cute?

The Whole Gang

I don't know why we didn't do this earlier, like not driving day! I didn't even fix my makeup. Oh well. Next time :)

Aunt Eleanor

Here's one of our new favorite people, Aunt Eleanor! Eme was so sad to leave her :(

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Grandpa Hartys Trains

While we were in North Carolina, Grandpa Harty gave us his train set. We set it up tonight (1-12-07). It was pretty fun. Funny thing, model trains. You have to make sure that the track is set up just right. When they slip, they don't work. After some work at it, we got it running. We called the kids in, and let them watch. Each one got a turn to be the conductor, and drive it around the table. We listened to Johnny Cash's Rock Island Line as it went around. The kids had a blast. As a side note, this picture of me is a good reminder that, even though I may not be leaving the house, it doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least fix my hair for the day :)

4th Grade Band and Orchestra Concert

The Band and Orchestra had a combined concert for their 4th grade students on Thursday, January 11th at 7pm at Hufford Junior High School. All of the Joliet 86 District 4th graders in Band and Orchestra were there. It was a packed house. I was standing near the end of the bleachers (with my 4 other kids) with a group of about 25 other people. It was hot. We were tired. Oh, and did I mention that I held Jimmy the whole 90 minutes that we were there? That was fun.

Jacob did very well. The parents were all in the gym, and at about 6:45, they marched all the students into the gym. There were 4 or 5 Band Directores, and 4 or 5 Orchestra Directors. They took turns between Orchestra and Band, and between directors. They played about 8 songs a piece. Then they had awards for Merit. Jacob got one. Good job Jacob!

In these pictures, obviously you can see Jacob coming into the gym carring his instrument. The other pics are of the concert. The one, I've zoomed in. It's fuzzy, but you can see him. The other, you can see part of his head, and the top of his cello. He's off to the right. It's a streatch, but he's there.

Jacob Harty, Celloist

Here's Jacob, before his concert. Isn't he a handsome guy!

I'll Be Right Back

About half way through our Uno game (Uno Batman), Tom gave us one of his famous quotes: Han on, I'll be right back, my butt needs to take care of some business!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Barbie Wedgie

This was hysterical. Barbie had a wedgie. Her TuTu was stuck in her crack. Really stuck. I almost couldn't get it out. When it finally came out, it was more like a Thong than a TuTu bottom. Anyway, we all thought it was so funny. I took it into the bedroom to show Eme. The picture below is Emes reaction to be showing shown he barbie wedgie.


Here's the Elders. There was a 3some, can't quite remember why. One of them was from Alaska, one from Utah, I think, and one from BC. Not too bad. All from my neck of the woods :)

Carol and Paul with their Presents

Carol got a bath set, and Paul got some DVD's. He also got a new church book. It looked pretty nice. All in all, we really got a lot of stuff!

Picture of Jesus

Check out this picture that Dale drew for Adrienne. Isn't it nice. He drew it, scanned it, and then photoshopped it. Good job Dale!

Bethany on Christmas Day 2006

Here's me, with my new "bling". Do you like? They're pearl earrings and a necklace. I don't have very much jewelry, so I am always excited to get more! I think they're lovely! Thanks so much Sophie, Randolph, and Fan!

I also got a new collar to go on my civil war dress. But, I didn't get it until a few days before we left, so I don't have a picture of it. I'll take one and post it later. Carol made it for me. It also has a pretty cameo on it. Thanks so much!

Brent on Christmas Day 2006

Brent brought his 'guns' from Illinois for the big gun battle. He also got a whole bunch of caps from Santa. Thanks Santa.

From Uncle Fan, Aunt Sophie, and Uncle Randolph, get got a Kit Fisto Star Wars guy.

From his mom and dad, he got a movie. I can't remember what it is. It's a family feature movie. Looks like a nice one.

Jacob on Christmas Day 2006

Jacob got a watch in his stocking from Santa. He was so excited. He'd been asking for a watch for quite some time now. How did Santa know? He also got a Star Wars action figure set from Uncle Randolph, Aunt Sophie, and Uncle Fan. He decided to keep his Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida dollars and add it to his dollars he already had. He bought Star Wars Legos II with his money. He played the game boy game most of the way home from North Carolina.

Tom on Christmas Day 2006

Disappointment again? Alas, the story of Tom. He got guns in his stocking. I know he likes them. He had a lot of fun playing with them. But he just needed convinced that he wanted them. He got a Star Wars set from Uncle Randolph, Aunt Sophie, and Uncle Fan. He got a Power Ranger set from Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida. He got much happier as the day went on. Poor Tom.

Eme on Christmas Day 2006

Here's Eme on Christmas Day. She got a small Doodle Bear and a Barbie Ballerina in her stocking. She got a super big Pony and a Dora Dominos game from Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida, and a My Little Pony set from Randolph, Sophie and Fan. She was really excited.

Joe on Christmas Day 2006

Joe got a walking robot and a GI Joe doll in his stocking. Look at his happy smiling face. I just love that. He also got a Lightning McQueen car from Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida, and a Thomas the Train station from Uncle Randolph and Aunt Sophie (and Uncle Fan). Check out the look on Joes face in the picture with the car. The car has the same expression. Funny, eh?

Jimmy on Christmas Day

Here's Jim opening his stocking. He got a football, a spiderman ball, and a superman ball. From Uncle Randolph and Aunt Sophie, he got a real nice stuffed animal. From Aunt Sue and Grandma Ida, he got a Stick Horse that makes noises. He really liked his toys. And, he really liked his candy. What a messy kid. Before we realized it, he had eating 1/2 of one of his little candy bars, wrapper and all. Silly boy!

Christmas Day 2006

Santa brought our stockings to Grammie and Grandpa Hartys house instead of to Joliet before we left. We slept in at Aunt Eleanors house, and then went over to Paul and Carol's house. We were going to open presents, and then the missionaries were coming over for lunch. We were going back to Eleanors before they were to get there. Brent, bless his heart, doesn't like to be around when the elders are there. It's just a quirk of his. And I guess I don't blame him. He explained it to me. He drove 900 miles to visit with his parents, not with the elders. And not to watch his parents visit with the elders. K, I understand.

Anyway, by the time we got there, there wasn't really time to do anything. At some point, we decided to just open presents and stay when the elders came. They ended up coming in when were were only about 3/4 of the way through the presents. It wasn't too bad. After the presents, we had lunch. Then, Brent and I went on a walk. It was such good weather there, that we were able to walk most days. Gotta like the south.

Jimmy's New Trick

Jimmy had such fun climbing up on the stool. He would stand up on it, and grin. Then he would sit on it, and try and ride it like a horse. It was hysterical!