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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tom and the Mirror

Yesterday, while Jacob was going to the bathroom, I heard a loud "CRASH". I rushed to the bathroom, and the long mirror that was hanging opposite of the sink had fallen off. It startled Jacob. He said that it had just fallen off of the wall. I don't think that it was anchored very well. Anyway, I sent a child for the broom, dustpan, trash can, and little vacuum. After the mess was all cleaned up, I set the broken mirror frame on the front porch until I could come and properly take care of it. Of course, once it was out of sight, I forgot about it.

So today, when I was taking the 2 big kids to school, we walked past the mirror on the way to the car. Tom looked at the mirror and sighed.

"That was my favorite mirror", he said.

"Oh yah, why was it your favorite?" I asked him.

"Because I could look at myself and see how good I look.", was his reply.

This child has no self esteem issues :)