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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Our First Train Ride

Well, I guess that Brent and Tom had been on a train before, but as a group, it was our first time! We took the train (Metra) from Joliet to LaSalle St. in Chicago, beginning to end. We sat on the 2nd level, and the kids thought it was so cool.

Here are the kids at the station, waiting for the train, as Dad hurries around looking for the ticket area, and quarters for parking (come to find out none were needed for weekends!).

Our train left at 4:25, and got to the city at 5:35. We walked 6 blocks to State and Van Buren Ave. There, we caught the "EL", the Red Line, or the Subway (but I was told at church the next day that it was not a subway). We took it about 20 blocks, down to 35th at Cellular Field. It was quite an adventure! We enjoyed every minute of it!