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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Harty Family Mission Statement & Rules

The weekend of April 29 & 30 was Joliet Stake Conference. Of course, we learned a lot out of all the sessions (Leadership, Adult, and General). One of the things we did this Sunday so that we could re-establish some order during the ordeal called 'selling your house' was to make our Family Mission Statement and 6 rules that corresponded to it. We actually were counseled to do this last sunday from our High Councilor, but were eager to do it today. So, Jacob, Tom, Mom & Dad all sat down to make some guidelines that we hope will be of great service to our family in the years to come.

The Harty Family Mission Statement

Our Mission Is:

§ To follow the Savior by making and keeping sacred covenants

§ Daily work to all feel happy, needed, peaceful, safe, and organized

§ Always remember and live as such to attain our ultimate goal of being a family forever with Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Harty Family Rules Are:

Be Respectful

Be Obedient

Be Grateful

Be Happy

Be Smart

Be Clean