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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joe's New Tooth

Joe Joe finally got his new tooth! Back in October, he fell at church, in the entry way, on the tile floor, and busted
half of his front tooth out. We took him to the dentist the next day, and they said that he needed a pediatric root canal. He had to have a specialist do it, because they couldn't do it there. They gave us a referral to a place in Naperville. I called them, and they said that they could get him in on February 14th. That seemed like a long time away, but we took the appointment. We called around to see if anywhere else could get us in faster. The problem was that we had State Insurance, and no one else would take us. It would cost us $450 to get it fixed sooner. So we decided to wait it out. We were excited when Feb. 14th came, and took him to Naperville for his appointment. But, when we got in with the dentist, much to our suprise, he said "Yep, he needs a pediatric root canal. Lets get it scheduled" I couldn't believe it. We already knew that! It was for April 24th. So we waited again. By this time, his tooth was starting to turn green, and be a little stinky. He was to be in Naperville (1 hour away) at 7 am on an empty stomach. He and Brent woke up at 5:30, left the house by 6:10, and got to the dentist by 7:05. By 7:20, Brent called the dentist to see where he was (no one was there), and the dentist apologized, and said he'd be there shortly. He was there by 7:45, and the procedure was finished 25 minutes later. They gave Joe some drinkable medicine that made him really loopy. He was hallucinating, and pointing and saying "look" at nothing. Brent said at first it was comical, but later is was sad. He was in a lot of pain. The mummy strapped him to the chair, and only his feet and head were showing. The gave him several shots in his gums, and put that little thingy in your mouth to hold it open. That really hurt him. Poor little Joe Joe. Luckily, the loopy medicine would make him forget what had happened, so he wouldn't remember any of it. Good thing too, cause that would be tramatic for a little fellow. When it was all over, he was stilly loopy acting. He was wandering in circles, tipping over, and showing everyone his tooth. He'd put his fingers in his mouth, and pry open his mouth, and show everyone all of his teeth. It was kind of silly. By the time he got home, he was feeling a little better, but I could tell that he was still off. He'd just try and run around, and fall down, and wasn't really very clear. He's eyes seemed a little glazed. He was fine, though, in about 3 hours. And he's totally back to normal now! He likes to show people his new tooth, and is very proud of it!