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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe and Jake

Happy Birthday Jacob (10) and Joseph (4)

We had a joint party for the 2 of them before we got too much into our move. Joe's Bday was on the 12th, and Jacob's on the 31st. It just made more sense to do that party early, and Jacob wasn't complaining any :)
Speakers for Jacobs MP3 player

This is a pretty neat set. The little train actually has steam. Pretty neat.
Jacob and his civil war pocket watch. He really wanted this for the reenactments this year.
Joe and his double barrel shot gun. Wow. What a great gift!
Sweet Joe Joe
Happy Birthday Jacob :)
Joe and his yummy cake
Jacob and his MP3 player

Here's a fun train piece. It has batteries, but doesn't fit on the other track. OH well. It still goes by itself :)

Sorry about the impromptu crappy looking cake. I'll do better next year. Or better yet. On Jacobs real birthday, maybe we'll make a double cake for Joe and Jake. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan :)

Joe blowing out his candles
Jake blowing out his :)
Everyone at the party


Lyn said...

You are a wonderful mom! I love you and all those children!

Maddie said...

Happy Birthday Jake and Joe! Your cake looked yummy though..mmm cake...

a said...

They really did have a fun party!

Anonymous said...

I too love and miss you guys soooooo very much! Happy Birthday to you boys!! Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I am so sorry that you all have to leave your beautiful house. You have put so much of yourselves into it, but you have left a beautiful edifice and landscaping that others will thank you for and it will bring them great joy and to you also knowing that you have brightened someone else's life. I love you and your great little family. You will make it through all of your turmoil and continue to enjoy each others companionship. Hang in there, don't give up, and I know you will not. You are a choice lady, sustained by the love of your Father in Heaven. I have faith in you.