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Monday, August 06, 2007

Ohio, Here We Come

So Brent took a new Scouting job in Columbus Ohio, and they want him to start work on September 1st. Wow. That's 26 days. So, I just need to "stage" my house for selling, pack, clean, put stuff in storage, get the house sold, find a new place, and move. No big deal. hehehehe.

The BSA out in Ohio said that we could stay at their council property until our house sold. Back to camp! Surly they have a cabin for us, right..... But, if Heavenly Father set this up so that we could move, I'm sure that he will help us sell our house! I just don't want to be here for months without Brent. I'd go crazy :) And we don't want that!

I am pretty excited though. 3 years is the longest that we've ever been in a house, and ties for the longest we've ever been in a ward. This will make the 13th move since we've been married. Doesn't that sound like fun. It's really not that bad though. But, I've heard that every 7 moves equals a house fire, in terms of what stuff you have. And I must say, we don't have hardly anything that we had in our first move. Our stuff is pretty transient.

Ohio should be pretty good. There's about 1 million in the Columbus area, and we'll be living about an hour or more away. Down south farther. Brent said that it's pretty rural. Yeah! That's just what we're looking for.

Well, I'm off. I need to catch an hour or more sleep before we start out busy crazy day! We got home last night at 2am from our Civil War reenactment in Wisconson. 4 1/2 hours away. In the rain. Yeah. I'll blog that later :)


Lyn said...

Like I always say, you are awesome! I wish I could come and help, I feel so ad for not being there! :(

Lyn said...

bad, thats bad!!

Nathaniel said...

Congrats on getting out of Chitown.

The McCullough Family said...

Congtats to Brent and you all. I am glad you don't mind the moving! I couldn't deal with the moving every two or three years. I bet the kids have your same good attitude!

Beth said...

OH MY GOODNESS. 26 days. NO pressure.

a said...

The big kids are excited to get out of this school. It really isn't that bad, but they're tired of being the minority. They are on the outside because they don't speak spanish. Rude people :)