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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Long, but Fun Day

This morning was our Relief Society Visit Teaching breakfast. It was nice. We had about 30 women there. I led the music, and had a little part in their skit. We had Belgian waffles with whip cream and strawberries. Very tasty.

Then, I went to Aldi's to get a few food supplies for the Bike rodeo. We were having a cook out there. Then, back to home to get ready.

I made schischkabobs (yeah, I know I butchered the word) for the cook out. I was out of skewers, so I used a long piece of metal. I'm so tricky. It was kind of funny looking, but it worked just fine for me. Very resourceful, I am :)

The bike rodeo started at noon. We were done and gone by 3:30. We showered the kids, and got them all clean and cooled off. It was a super warm day, and everyone was hot and sweaty. That took about an hour.

At about 5ish, I went to pick up Sister Simco. Joy and I went grocery shopping with Jimmy. Brent and the other kids drove up to a friend of Brent's to pick up a riding lawn mower. It has a few issues, but will be good when we can get it fixed.

Joy and I went to Aldi's and then to Wal-mart. I took her back to her house to drop off her groceries, then she came back to my house to help put away the groceries. The kids were really excited to see her. They were back from their trip with dad. They were also very helpful at carrying in the groceries.

I took Joy back home at around 9pm, and came upstairs. I've been blogging ever since. My feet hurt, and I"m very tired. It was a long, but fun day :)