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Friday, June 08, 2007

Portriats in the Pool

Here's a few close up shots of the kids in the pool yesterday.

I just couldn't convince Jim to look up. He was way more interested in the water than the camera. Some people!

Eme's so cute!

Nice Joe picture!

And a very nice Tom pic.

And Jacob......I he kept diving when I took the picture, so I snapped one of his butt! When he finally surfaced, I asked him if that's what he wanted as his close-up. He thought better of it, and let me take the one below of him. Much better. (Although he hasn't yet learned the trick of stretching out your neck to avoid the double chin in pictures.....he'll learn)


Becky said...

How fun! I love summer! I can't get over how much Tom looks like Terry! All in the family.

Lyn said...

And he is a little Lyn when it comes to weird and FUN! ha

Chris & Stephanie said...

I have to say just looking at Tom he reminds me of Lyn! There's a mischievous sparkle there...hehehe

Madison McShinsky said...

Fun! It's getting pretty warm here, one of those would be nice!

Madison McShinsky said...

I keep thinking it says Pirates in the Pool...ha

a said...

I LOVE our pool. It keeps the kids busy for hours and hours. Plus, when the get out, they're ready to get in about 2 hours later, and I can make them do their chores all over again before they can get back in. It's beautiful!

Madi, I think you have Pirates on the brain!