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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Riding the Train

This is the littlest train at the place. See how you have to hang on, so as to not fall out. Yeah, it was a little scary. I just knew that I'd fall off, or one of my kids would. But we made it all back to the station. Phew!

And here we are on the big train.

After our 2nd train ride of the day, Jim and Joe both fell asleep on me. So we decided to go for a 3rd time. Aren't they precious. Hard to believe that they fell asleep through all of those loud whistles.


Lyn said...

Yeah for trains!

Madison McShinsky said...

I've never seen a train like that before! Looks pretty fun.

a said...

that little one was pretty funny. i liked the bigger ones, because I didn't feel like i was gonna fall off :)