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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Here's a Doctor Who music video. I thought that it was nicely done.

Online Videos by

Here's a funny Star Wars PSA. It made me laugh.

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Here's a Harry Potter spoof from the Simpsons. Thought it would be appropriate since the new movie is due out next month, and the book soon after.

OK, so this Harry Potter one is pretty stupid, but it's a compelling stupid. I just couldn't turn it off. Sad, I know.

It's quickly becoming a Harry Potter theme. This one started off weird, but the weird worked for me. Made me laugh.


Nathaniel said...

I was thinking the Doctor Who video was pretty good (cept for some annoying aspect ratio issues) and then at the end I realized it was from Doctor Who Confidential, and therefore professionally done. That explains the high quality video sources they had of the older shows. Can't say I am super keen on the music, but the video was good. I miss the old shows.

We just watched the last episode of the new season tonight, and the end kind of irritated me.

CSA Brent said...

Nice videos sweetie. As it is almost midnight after a gruelling day at camp with cub scouts, I find them very amusing!!

Nathaniel said...

I can't remember which site I gave you to watch Doctor Who on, but this one seems to have the newest episodes: