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Monday, July 02, 2007

Thanks Jacob

I decided to wear my new dress to church yesterday. You know, the one that I made the other day, and wore to the MoTab concert. I really liked the fabric, and thought that it was pretty. Anyway, as I was getting ready to load all the kids up in the truck, Jacob looked at me from across the living room, and said

"Mom, you're not gonna wear that, are you?"

Nice, talk about an ego boost. After a little probing, he tells me that he thinks it looks like a Civil War dress. OK, I did make a Civil War outfit for Jim out of the same fabric, but it in no way looks like a civil war dress. No fashion sense at all! Silly kid.


Lyn said...

He must have heard our conversation about wearing your clothes to church and how it would not be appropriate and he was saving you from yourself!! HA

Lyn said...

thats civil war clothes, not clothes in general!!!

a said...

Yeah, no one would want that!

Mr. Matt said...

LOl, i cant stop. I think is nic to ware to church.