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We're moving again! Well, not physically, but my blogger account is full, and I'm moving to a new blog location.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Losing the Weight

Last night at a farewell for a family in our ward, the ladies and I were talking about losing weight. Seems a few of them have been quite successful in losing weight over the past 6 months. OK, I'm not one of them, but I'd like to be. I started a new blog for myself to keep me motivated, and track my progress. Click on the "I Can Lose the LBS" link on the side to go to it. Any encouragement would be welcome!!!!!


Ann said...


As I'm sure many will tell you, you look GREAT! You have FIVE kids! However, I am super inspired by people who are able to lose weight successfully also. Self control has never been one of my strengths, I'm afraid. Anyway, YOU CAN DO IT! (And hopefully I can too, after I have this baby in a couple months. It is going to take chains to keep me away from all of the Holiday food!)