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Monday, July 02, 2007

Our New Necklaces

When we went to the craft store today (Hobby Lobby), we bought stuff to make glass bead necklaces. I made kits for the Young Women to do at camp, and thought that my kids would enjoy it too. Here's Eme wearing he necklace that she started, and Tom finished for her. Isn't it pretty. I have one with the same beads, but mine has a pattern. I like patterns. I also made a bracelet for myself.

Do you like her new shirt from the thrift store? I notice that her undershirt is sticking out under it. Funny, she has no undershirts like that. She must be wearing Toms undershirt. I wonder what that's all about?

This would have been a really cute pic had Eme's eyes been open :)

Tom and his necklace from Cub Scout camp. Don't know where his bracelet went.

And Joe. He didn't quite get the message that these pictures were all about the new stuff from the thrift store or of our bracelets. He's showing us all his clean teeth. He's just brushed them for bed. Nice Joe :)


Lyn said...

Wow Em looks so grownup in those pics!

Mr. Matt said...

I agree she dose, Wow nice job on making those.