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Monday, July 09, 2007

Civil War Reenactment at Waconda, Illinois

Just a few quick pics from our trip. It's after 11 pm, and I found out I have to drive tomorrow! Someone elses' truck! And it's a stick. Should make for an interesting morning. I need sleep :)


Lyn said...

I just LOVE them in those hats ! Whre is Jake?

Anonymous said...

No kidding! I fall out of touch with you for a measly 10-15 years, and the next thing I know you and your family are doing Civil War reenactments. Very cool. :) I recently read "Confederates in the Attic", which aside from being a really eye-opening book about the civil war, also made me curious to attend a civil war reenactment. They actually had one in Boise recently, but I missed it. (I'm in Caldwell ID these days.)

Anyway, cheers!

Maddie said...

Ha, Jim doesn't look too happy! And it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with that family picture..where is Jake?

a said...

Ha! Yeah, I never thought that I'd end up being a civil war reenactor either! Funny how we change so much as we age! But we're enjoying every minute of it :)

Caldwell Id, eh? We have some friends that moved from Springfield Oregon to there. The McDowells. Ann and Travis. Travis works for the Boy Scouts like Brent. They have 2 little kids, Madison and .... crap, can't remember his name. Sorry Ann! It was a nice name, though.

Anyway, it was good to hear from you, Jamis! I've seen your blog, and it looks like you and your family are doing well, and having fun!