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Monday, July 02, 2007

Eme's New Civil War Dress

OK, it's not all the way finished, but it's getting there. On our last reenactment, we noticed that her yellow dress was super small. It shrank (she grew), I think. Her other dresses were darker in color, and she was sad that her "girl" dress was gone. So I bought some more fabric today that was pinkish. She'll be super happy to wear her new dress this weekend.

I need to attach some arms to it, and hem the bottom, then it's done. It's a pinafore, with a waist. I thought it turned out pretty good. Should look much better on. The white thing underneath is her chemise.


Madison McShinsky said...

Looks pretty cute!

a said...

Thanks! I think she'll like it. I'll take a pic of her in it today :)