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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Girls Camp 2007

Here's a few pics from my week. More to come. Still recovering. Sigh!

Lauren, Whitney, Journey, Lauren S., Lauren D. - These girls were in my cooking group.

Here's Rosie and I. She's from the Ottawa ward. I'm so glad she was my partner!

Here's Rosie, LaReeve (I know it's not spelled right, but it's closer than Sally), and I. Aren't we cute!

Here's our ward during our Bishop's nite dinner. We had fried chicken, corn on the cob, potato chips, salad, and drinks. It was quite tasty. I took my chicken, tore it up, and made a chicken salad. Yummyer!


Lyn said...

It was our camp week too...its just weird to be in primary and not going to camp ! The YW had a brief testimony part of sacrament today. . . it was wonderful to hear of their spiritual happenings!

Maddie said...

Looks like fun..although I don't really wish it was me there! Ha, i'm done with camp for awhile..

a said...

Camping with a tiny baby isn't too much fun. It'll be better when Jim is about a year or two older. And he's not even a tiny baby!