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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Mysterious Ticking Noise

I must say, that I feel like I was in the know! And that doesn't happen very often. On skit night, the YCL's break out into a Potter Puppet Pals skit, and I actually knew it. Most of the other adult leaders didn't have a clue, and thought that these girls came up with it on their own.

Me, I'd had the song stuck in my head for a whole week before camp, and finally got it out. I come to camp, and here it is again. And the girls LOVED it. They were singing it all the time. No luck with removing it from my head this week :)

Here's the real skit. So funny! I think I've posted it before, but you can't see it too much :)


Maddie said...

Thats really funny! Why is Dumbledore naked? ha, that would have been funny to see the girls do it!

a said...

He's naked in a different one from the Potter Puppet Pals, but can't remember which one. He comes out, all naked except beard and hat, and says "It's naked time". funny :)