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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our Find at Wal-Mart

I love Wal-Mart. I may complain about certain aspects about it, but I do love the services that they offer. We drove 30 mintues to go to super walmart today. Chili's was across the street.

Aren't these clouds cute!

We found maple trees for $1.50 a piece at wal-mart. What a steal. They were taller than me, too! So we had 5 kids and 8 trees in our truck on the way home. It was crazy.


Lyn said...

I have a pic somewhere with Madi and Emily in my car in "a forest of ficus" trees...ha i;ll try and find it to post!

Madison McShinsky said...

ha, too fun..our walmart is dumb today..they are out of the play yard i wanted to buy..dang walmart

a said...

one time, I went to wal-mart, and they had everything on my list. Mind you, I go to walmart at least once a week, and I've been married 11 years. ONE TIME.

Mr. Matt said...

Well that is one good thing about Wal-mart