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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More Pics from Girls Camp

Lauren Dodd
Lauren S.
Me, at ward time. We were doing facials.
Silly girls! They were dressing up for our skit. Gangster princesses. Don't ask :)
Dinner on ward night
Here's Angela (the leader). We hung out with her a bit. She's such a sweet girl. She's pregnant with #5, and has a teen. Wow! No one knew she was pregnant in her home ward. She'd had 2 miscarriages, just like me, so she was keeping it quiet for a few more weeks. But she was sick a lot, and had to take lots of naps. We feel for you, Angela!
Here are the girls during certification. Don't they look enthralled!
The girl with her hands near her mouth is Jenni Main. She's actually a leader! Cute little thing. Actually, she's pretty tall. She's been married about a year or 2, and is 23. Nice as can be! She was the 2nd year certification leader. Glad Jenni was there!
Here's the gang during a meal, all working hard.....
The yellow and red tent is mine. I didn't want to share a cabin. I'd much rather have my own space :) I know, the anti-social is coming out.....
There is the cabins that the girls slept in. They had lights and everything. Nice camp site.
Here's the view from our campfire site. I swept all the leaves, just to make it look nice. And it sure did look nice :)
Here's where we cooked at, our cooking group area. Isn't it nice?
Here's my cook group. Lauren S. is the girl turing around making silly faces! Love you Lauren!
Check out our tasty foil dinners. We have 14 of them on the coals. Wow!
Smile, Whitney!
Here's our Junior Leaders, or as they're called out here, YCL's. They had a knack for showing up right as the food was completed. In time to ask if there was something they could do to help, but after all the real work was done. But, they were nice girls :)


Lyn said...

What great shots...almost made me wish i had gone this year to camp....almost!!! Love Primary!!

Madison McShinsky said...

That's what junior leaders are for don't ya know! To come when it's time to eat! Ha, looks like fun!

a said...

Camp was a blast! I really did enjoy my time there. Yeah for girls camp!