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Monday, July 30, 2007

Our New Campsite

So here's what we used to sleep in. These 2 tents on the end. Their called DOG TENTS, or PUP TENTS. Or SHELTER HALVES. Take your pick. They're very small, but they work. Brent and I and Jim all slept in one. It was tight, but do-able. Well, we decided that we needed something a bit bigger.

SOOOOO, we built an A tent, I think it's called. Brent and leave a comment if it's called something different. Look at how much more room I have. I can actually stand up to get dressed. What a novel idea! And, we made the fly to go with it. No more moving all our stuff to follow the shade of the trees. That's just silly. This is so much more comfortable! We brought our 2 air mattresses, and slept very nicely. Now Jim has his own pup tent (with port-a-crib), Jake and Eme share, and Tom and Joe share. It's so nice!

Check out the table that Brent made. It's pretty cool!

Silly Joe. He looks like he's drunken or something :)


Lyn said...

If ya have to camp, thats much more the style!