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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Random 10

OK, I saw this on someone else's website, and thought that it was clever, and would give us insight into each other. This is what you do. Go to your music player (ipod, or computer, or whatever) and write down the first 10 songs that it randoms. I use Winamp. It's pretty good.

Now you can't skip songs that will make you look silly, or "find" ones that will make you look cool. Just go with whatever comes up. BTW, if you scroll down after clicking on the link below, you can listen to a snip of the song. Pretty neat, eh?

1. Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu - He Mele No Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
2. Rascal Flats - Bless the Broken Road
3. Blake Shelton - Ol' Red
4. Trick Pony - Just What I Do
5. Steve Holy - Brand New Girlfriend
6. Brad Paisley - I'll Be Home for Christmas
7. Graham Clarke - New York is Busy, Busy
8. Sheryl Crow - Real Gone
9. Graham Clarke - If I Live to Be 100
10. Rascal Flats - Stand

OK, that was my Random 10 for this Friday.


Nathaniel said...

That is a pretty cool idea. I have a few playlists, and tons and tons of music, but here are the first ten on my playlist that incorporates my entire collection:

01. Pink Floyd - "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"
02. Incubus - "Consequence"
03. Jim Reeves - "Hello Walls"
04. Pink Floyd - "High Hopes" (I don't even like Floyd that much!)
05. Gregorian Monks - "Genuit puerpera regem" (It's from that Chant album)
06. Hoobastank - "Up and Gone"
07. King's Singers - "Honey Pie"
08. Scorpions - "Alien Nation" (Awesome song)
09. Avenged Sevenfold - "Shattered by Broken Dreams"
10. John Williams - "Across the Stars" (from the soundtrack for Star Wars Episode II)

Nathaniel said...

I decided to make one from the playlist I normally play that only has a fraction of my total collection to give a sample more indicative of what I actually listen to.

01. Queen - "Who Wants to Live Forever"
02. Ahmad Jamal - "Suicide is Painless" (Theme to the movie, MASH)
03. Mitch & Mickey - "When You're Next to Me" (from the soundtrack of A Mighty Wind)
04. System of a Down - "Chic 'N' Stew"
05. Tiffany - "I Think We're Alone Now"
06. Fiona Apple - "Carrion"
07. Ram Jam - "Black Betty"
08. Sufjan Stevens - "Pittsfield"
09. Jerry Cantrell - "She Was My Girl"
10. Sufjan Stevens - "The Pick-Up"

a said...

I only have 93 songs on my computer, so my list was a little narrow :)

Madison McShinsky said...

I don't have a playlist..sad

Nathaniel said...

Yeah, I have a few more with 21,917 tracks, and I add more just about every week.