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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Civil War Weekend with the Hartys

Our Civil War weekend was a lot of fun. We got to go to the Heston Steam Engine Museum in Indiana (near the Indiana/Michigan border). Below are some shots of our lovely family :)

Here's Jim, poking my camera. Yeah, that makes a lovely photo!

Such a serious face for a little guy

The blue thing is the well that we got our water from for the weekend. Notice Jim sucking on the spicket. I had a hard time keeping him away from it all weekend long. Finally, we just tied him to a chair......well, he had about 8 feet of rope. Still, he didn't like it. Short leash, you know. The 1800's equivalent to baby gates :)

I love these 2 close ups of Jim and Eme. So cute!

Joe's bouquet of flowers

Here's Joe with his black Stetson and his big smile.

Joe and the flowers that he picked for us.

And Joe's pretty eyes.

Joe at camp

Here's Eme. Isn't she cute. We accidentally left her bonnet at home, so she's wearing Jimmy's extra one. It's a little small, but ok. I made this dress for her last season. It looks as if she's grown a few inches from last year. If you look at the sides of the dress near the bottom, you can see how the apron is a lot longer than the dress. We made her change into a longer one later in the day.

Here we are in our matching dresses. I thought it would be cute to go back and get some more red gingham so we could have matching bonnets and aprons too. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Here she is talking to Rich.

Extreme close-up! Very pretty eyes.

Here's Tom on the train. He was a "big kid" and got to sit in his own row, not by Mom on this trip. We rode the big train 3 times.

K, I know it's an extreme close up, but the kids got gorgeous eyes, don't you think!

I loved this pic even more than the slightly happy one of Tom below it. I love that he's got soot on his face, and that he's looking off in the distance. Cute kid!

Jacob, the standard bearer

Jacob was really excited to get to go on the train and be in the battle for the last train ride. He got to hold the flag, and get off the train when the Yankees took over the train. It was pretty neat. Good job Jake!

Jacob reading his Harry Potter book. He's on #6. He wants to finish it before the last book comes out in late July. He's doing a great job. He was excited to read it, because, you know, they had books in the Civil War.....silly boy :)

I really like this picure of Jacob and I. Look at my baby. He's so big!

Brent, right before the South boarded the train at the station

Since Brent was out on the train the majority of Saturday, I didn't get many photo ops for him. Sorry sweetie. I'll do better next time :)

Brent and Jacob

Do you like my new carpet bag? I made it myself. So don't look too closely at it :)

Me, don't you like my hat?


Lyn said...

Absolutly wonderful!!! Im printing off copies for myself. . .love the eyes and close ups!

Madison McShinsky said...

Nifty bag..i still can't believe you sleep in those tents!

a said...

Yeah, it is actually bigger inside than it looks. Jim, Brent, and I slept in one. Other than sleeping on an incline and sliding down the hill and 1/2 way out the tent, there's quite nice. Next time, we're finding level ground :)