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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dinner at Long John Slivers

OK, I know it's not really called "slivers", but that's what we call it :) The kids got more free coupons at the library this week. It was for a kids meal at Long John Slivers. So we went out to dinner. When a family of 7 can eat for $6, you know you have a good thing going!

This is why I wear make-up.....and fix my hair. To avoid pictures like this. Oops.

No Mom, this isn't the cute picture of Eme's new hair. She had it pulled back in a pony, and most of it fell out over the course of the day, and the pool. It really is cute, just not in this picture. That's a project for tomorrow :)


Madison McShinsky said...

Fun dinner! I think we ate somewhere like this when we all visited you that one time..some fish place anyway..seems weird that that was at least 2 years ago!

a said...

Yeah, that was Long John's. And it was a long time ago, eh? Wasn't that on Halloween, or something like that. And we'd just cut down the tree (well, Dad did), and we were supposed to go to the scout party, but we were all too tired and hungry, so we went out to Long John's instead.

I wouldn't mind it I never ate there again, personally. WAY to greasy for me.

Lyn said...

Dad would! He loves his fish!!

a said...

that's not really fish, now is it :)