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Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Day of School EVE

Isn't it funny how all 5 kids found something different to do in the same room. They were all watching the Disney Movie, "Read it and Weep", but were doing a little bit different stuff. Silly kids.

Eme is practicing to be a Tarot Card Reader.

Tom's practicing his Drive By stance.

Jacob is shaking the "drugs"

Jimmy is contemplating which of Joe's "guys" to "take out".

And Joe is just being sweet, playing with his "dolls".


Nathaniel said...

Action figures.

a said...

Hehe....I know, but everyone else had something rude said about them, and I couldn't think of a rude thing to say about Joe Joe, he was playing so nicely.

Stephen said...

Haha, your kids are adorable but 5 of them. How in the world do you find time for yourself.

a said...

Time for myself....what's that :)