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Thursday, June 21, 2007

When is this Outfit Appropriate?

Well, you can't really see what she was wearing, but I thought that it was inappropriate for Long John Slivers. Tiny short shorts, practically painted on, and a tiny little top. Way too much skin. Made me uncomfortable, and I noticed that all of the men in the place were avoiding even looking at her. Nice.


Nathaniel said...

Well, not sure it's ever appropriate, but it's typical concert attire. Now imagine that same outfit on a 300 lbs. woman, and you got an idea of what Ozzfest is like.

a said...

that almost made me puke! nasty.

Nathaniel said...

Haha, yeah. Ozzfest is a veritable smorgasbord of sensory affliction. Nasty people wearing next to nothing. Temperatures well over 90 (often over 100)with copious amounts of humidity, and a blaring sun. A jarring cacophony of sound that would make any sane person suicidal. The Pièce de résistance is the nearly insufferable combination of rancid beer and extreme body odor.

Good times are had by all.

Mr. Matt said...

I am old fashion, so I feel that everyone needs to dress as if they are going to see their grandparents. Now I know that sometimes I wear jeans with a hole in them. But they are not saying anything but I work hard. I am all for expressing yourself but you want to express that you are a nice person. To me that tell everyone that she is a slut that only charges a penny. Someone needs to teach her how to dress for the summertime. If my girlfriends were wearing that I would have a fit. That is not right for anyone to wear. And as a guy I would not want to be seen with her. Its tells me that all he can get is a slut not a good girlfriend. I go camping a lot and where we go camping at you see little girls running around in just bathing suits even to go ride a bike to the play ground. I am sorry but this is not right either. If I was a father my kids would be dressing in clothes that fit. If I was there I would have told her that her outfit made me sick and I would not eat there. Looking at that when I eating would make me sick.

a said...

so if ozzfest is nasty, do you go? there must be something redeeming about the thing to get you to go? fat, scantily clad, sweaty people with beer doesn't sound too much fun to me :)

CSA Brent said...

Yeah, so what did you pay for Ozzfest, like $100?! So not only do you have all that fun visual and sensory stuff, but you gladly pay for it too!

Nathaniel said...

I went once, and will never go again. I can't quite remember what I paid (I'm thinking around $75). We got awesome seats via Noe and his Boeing connection, but the whole thing was a bitter disappointment.

In truth, the only reason I did go was to see Black Label Society, and hopefully meet the guys (we did end up talking to Nick, the guitar player, but even it was a letdown).

I suffered the worst sunburn of my life, was exposed to the aforementioned devastations, and was subjected to a bunch of hippie musicians and their self-gratifying, self-righteous ramblings.

BLS ended up being just OK (we saw them live on their own tour and were much better), System of a Down was pretty good, and Avenged Sevenfold was moderately entertaining. As a whole, the show stunk though.