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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fall of the Cones

After finishing their food, the boys promptly got back on their bikes, and attempted to ride the bike course. WELL, the ended up knocking over all the cones. I knew what Brent's reaction would be, so I had to get a few pics of it. See how all the cones are knocked down.

Here comes Brent, on the little bike, to save the day (and stand back up all the cones.....again)

He wasn't too happy about it, but did a good job of getting over it. Sorry they knocked down your cones, sweetie!


Nathaniel said...

"They were cones!"

Only funny if you've seen Wedding Singer.

a said...

haven't seen that one :)

Mr. Matt said...

So bethany,
Who had more fun, the big kid Brent on a small bike or the kids. I dont know. But i am glade to see everyone had fun.