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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Walmart is Incompetent

OK, I admit it. I do like Walmart. But even I know that they're not the most skilled of staff. Like my contacts.

I went there in December for new contacts. Got a new pair, and never quite liked them. I was straining to see. But what do I know, I'm not an eye doctor (yes, I know there's a name for that, but I can't spell it)

So back in May, I think it was, I needed to get new glasses. My contacts were crappy, and my glasses didn't pass as even remotely authentic for Civil War reenacting. So I got my prescription from Wal-mart and took it to Lenscrafters. They made a nice pair of glasses for me. But I couldn't see out of them. It instantly made me motion sick, and gave me a headache.

So, after getting to the bottom of it, Wal-mart gave me the wrong prescription. That's why those contacts were so bad for so long. So I made Wal-mart give me a new eye exam (for free, of course), took it to Lenscafters, who made me new glasses (again, for free). Then I had Wal-mart order me a new set of contacts (they gave me a free trial pair)

Well, the trial pair only last for about 2 weeks. After that, I put in the new pair that Wal-mart ordered for me. Guess what. I couldn't see again. What's the deal. Last night, I found my old contacts, and compared the prescription to my new prescription. Guess what. They were the same. The yahoo's there ordered me my old prescription. So I called them back this morning, and had them order me the RIGHT boxes. It should be 7-10 days before I get them back. Nice. Hopefully they'll get it right this time.

Don't get me wrong. Wal-mart is always ready to make it right, but sometimes I'd like it right the first time.


Nathaniel said...

Wow, that's some pretty pathetic work. At least they are straightening everything out even if it takes a few times, hehe.

Lyn said...

In the meantime, can you see???? ha

Mr. Matt said...

Thats Walmart for ya. There suck at everything. I bought an print from them and it did not come with half the stuff it should. So I took it back and the manager accused me of steling the stiff out. So i dont go there. To go to Walmart i drive to Morris. They are cool. And How many finder am i holding? i am trying to check top see if you can see

Stephen said...

OMG, that's bogus! They should have gotten it right the first time.

I mean what if this had been something life-threatning that you needed this prescription for. you would be dead right now.

They need to wise up and quickly too!

a said...

Even with all of my rantings about wal-mart, I still love it! the store, not the workers. and the Larkin walmart is hands down the worst wal-mart ever. Even worse than the one in Litchfield (the old one)

Mr. Matt said...

Ya Bethany i dont go to the one on Larken. I go to the one is Morris that one is great.

Unknown said...

Yeah, the "new" Litchfield Super Center is actually pretty good. Glen Carbon's store is weak, and after much protest, they finally were approved for store expansion by the village, but I would rather a larger one be built at a different site in Edwardsville.

A little incompetence is the bargain we make for everyday low prices.

a said...

And a bargain that I make at least once a week :)

Anonymous said...


Poor little Jimmy, hope he heals up quickly! Give him a big hug and kiss from grandpa. The "T" shirts for girls camp and the matching head piece are simply awesome, as are you!
Great cake recipe also. Joey must have been really tired. He is so cute!

Anonymous said...


I'm still learning how to make comments, etc. Hope I didn't mess up your site by putting all of those unrelated comments on the WalMart comment section. I am sorry that you have had so much trouble with them, especially as it concerns your contacts. Hope everything is okay now. It is hard to hire professional people when our society takes great pains to "dumb down".