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Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Eye Infections

Well, we woke up today and Jacob and Joseph's eyes were crusted over. Nice. I'm gonna call on Monday and get 2 more bottles of eye drops. Right now, they're all sharing Jims.

We went to church, but kept hand sanitizing everyone, then left right after sacrament. I figured that sitting in a pew doesn't spread germs, but going to Primary may. It was good.

Father Day went well. We made Brent a nice big omelet, and gave it to him in bed. He got cards from the boys, and Eme made him some nice drawings. I gave him a nice card and a gift card to Old Navy. I think that he was pleased with his day.

Joy Simco and Margie and her friend are coming over this even for a cookout. We're having chicken and potato salad and such. It should be a great time. We're waiting for it to cool off a bit, though. Probably about 7:30 ish. I'll get lots of pictures then. Right now, we're hiding in the rooms that have A/C. It's a hot one today. It's 91 degrees with 40% humidity. Kinda warm, don't you think!