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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Views from the Train


Madison McShinsky said...

How come the other people aren't dressed up?

a said...

they're the spectators

Nathaniel said...

Man, that looked like a pretty cool event. So, there was a skirmish involving the train?

a said...

I guess I never did explain how the battle went down. I'm working on a video that I took, so I guess I was gonna explain it then.

The train went out every 1/2 hour. The yankees were in the field, and the confederates were on the train. The last 2 cars were for spectators, and the first car was a flat bed with benches on the perimeter was for the soldiers. The train is transporting "gold".

Anyway, about 1/2 way through the ride, we round the bend and come to a grassy field on one side and the forest on the other side. A cannon fires (blowing out the engines) and the train stops. The yankees come out of the forest and from their hidden places in the tall grass, and order the confederates to surrender the train.

Of course, we decline. So they fight for the train. The men on the train get off, and everyone fights. There's even a calvary guy riding about the train, firing.

The Missouri Gorillas were there, and each had about 4-5 pistols. Those guys are crazy!

Anyway, the confederates lose, and surrender. The yankees take control of the train, and bring out the locked box of gold. They shoot off the lock with their pistol, and get out the gold bars. Then they parole the surviving confederate soldiers, and the yankees leave with the train.

They switch roles for the next load of passengers. The cannon and calvary guys play both sides too. They just switch coats and caps.

Really, it was an awesome event!

Nathaniel said...

Sounds pretty cool. Not sure how realistic a cannon stopping a train is, but still sounds like fun.