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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Eme at the Park

The Elders Quorum Softball (Catch) Game was held at a Plainfield Elementary school. This is their awesome playground. The kids really had fun on it. These are all pictures of sweet Eme! Isn't she cute!


Nathaniel said...

Again, I like the tube picture. Makes for interesting lighting.

a said...

She had a lot of fun in those tubes. And I'm glad we finally got some good pics of her :)

Lyn said...

she is so pretty, look out for the future with YM mom and dad!

Madison McShinsky said...

Pretty smiles! It would be fun if we could get all three of the little girls together to have pictures taken (Ella, Tay, and Eme)...maybe someday!

a said...

That would be so neat! I loved the pics that you all had taken in the photo place. Very nice!