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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Swimming Again

These posts are getting repetitive, but that's ok. Summer is all about swimming, and water, and having fun. Here's our newest pictures of our fun.

Joe with his cool goggles. Funny, but he doesn't go under the water. I guess they're a fashion accessory.

Jimmy, with either nacho cheese or cake in his hair. Couldn't tell. And as I was posting these pictures minutes after I took them, the big kids came upstairs to say that Jim was bleeding. Lots of blood. Great. Turns out, he'd cut his lip, just a little bit. But mouth wounds bleed a lot. Got that all cleaned up, and he was good to go. I think He's gonna stay upstairs with me and watch Kyle XY. Sounds like a safe plan.

And here's the big kids in the big pool. Is it just me, or do they look like their being mean to each other? Play nicely kids!


sampath said...
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sampath said...

ABC Family already uploaded the new streaming for the last Monday episode of Kyle XY

check this out

Mr. Matt said...

See all the pics makes me want to come over and jump in.

Madison McShinsky said...

I've about decided its time to go get one of those..although i'll have to get permission to put it in the yard..i sure hate having to ask to do ANYTHING..ha

a said...

You should get one, because they're awesome. This one cost $70 at Big Lots. It's 12x30. It's massive. All the kids can fit in it, and play nicely. Sure feels good in the hot hot sun.