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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Planet Hollywood Block Party

My kids are SOOO excited about this. Today at 10am, we're going to the Joliet Public Library for one of their Summer Reading Program parties. Everyone who turned in 1 reading log gets to go to this party. It's a "Red Carpet" event.

Kids are supposed to dress up as their favorite book or movie character. There will be ice cream, karoakee, and I think the mascot from the local baseball team will be there. They've been on me all week about their costumes. I'll post pictures when we get home. And I WILL remember my camera :) (I've been forgetting it a lot lately)


Anonymous said...

OK, this has nothing to do with the block party (have fun, kids!). I was just looking at the visitor map and can see my visit to your blog from beautiful downtown Omaha, NE, which is where I am until Friday.

College World Series is going on here this week, so everything's just a little bit insane (some of these hotels are charging like $1000 per night for rooms, and that's assuming you can get one at all...I almost didn't).

Love you all!

a said...

We saw that, and wondered who we knew in Iowa. Ha! hope you're having fun!

Nathaniel said...

Ahh, the College World Series. That kind of stinks.