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Sunday, April 01, 2007

What TV Shows Do You Watch?

Brent works a lot of evenings. Over the years, I've found things to do to occupy myself. TV is easy, especially after a day full of little kids. It's my escape from reality. I must say, that I really enjoy the option of watching my shows online. Used to be, I relied on the VCR, and would freak out if I forgot to set it. Or would call my mom and dad out on the West Coast to tape it for me. Thanks guys, for being so supportive! Anyway, here are my favorites!

MONDAY: Heroes on NBC
I like this show for all the twists and turns, and you never know what's gonna happen. It has just the right amount of science fiction/supernatural to keep me interested, and a cast that I like.

TUESDAY: Nothing
I just can't seem to find anything that I like. Don't care for American Idol. Law and Order is good every once in a while, but is kind of raunchy now-a-days.

I really like this one! My sister told me to watch it, 'cause she thought it was good. It started in the fall, and I decided to start watching after the Christmas break. I caught up on the internet over a few days, and was hooked. I love natural disaster shows! I have to watch it on Thursday morning though, because we have Cub Scouts during the time that it's on.

and Lost on ABC
I was a much bigger fan last year, but I still enjoy it. I think that they need to give us a little more story line. Sometimes you can go several episodes without learning anything new. I get confused sometimes because there are so many many different story lines. But, overall, I still enjoy Lost.

THURSDAY: Survivor - Fiji on CBS

Survivor used to be my all time favorite show, but has slipped a few slots in recent years. It's still fun to watch, and now with it being online, I don't mind missing an episode now and then, 'cause I can easily catch up.

FRIDAY: Nothing
There are a few shows that I like, but I'm usually busy on Friday night. Only occasionally do I watch things.

Again, Saturdays are busy for us. We're spending family time together, and not watching TV.

SUNDAY: The Apprentice on NBC
Usually, I watch the Apprentice online on Monday. Sundays are busy days with church and family and all. I just like Trump. It's kinda fun.


Nathaniel said...

The only live TV I watch anymore is sports. Otherwise, I get copies of the shows I do watch: Heroes, Andy Parker, P.I., The Riches, Doctor Who, South Park, etc.

Sometimes I will catch Dirty Jobs and Cash in the Attic.

a said...

You know, I like Dirty Jobs too. That guy is pretty funny!

The McCullough Family said...

Will have to say we watch, Heroes, Lost, Jericho (although after the last episode with April and the baby--I don't know....!) and of course Survivor! We sometimes have Survivor nights and have family friends over for dinner and watch! we do not have cable, which is a good thing, because I think we would watch even more--it is nice to zone out sometimes though! We may have to try watching online when we get DSL--dial up is not fun!
Lisa :)

Madison McShinsky said...

I like to watch most of the shows they have online at CBS. We've just started watching NCIS should check it out if you like shows like CSI..btw I like your new header!

a said...

I went to a Survivor party one time! It was so fun. I used to let the kids watch Survivor with me when they were younger, but I get so little time alone, that I don't like to share! What a mean mom I am!

NCIS, huh? I've tried it before, but could never get into it. Maybe I'll have to give it another try.

And thanks about the new header! I like to switch things up. Never can leave it the same too long!

Anonymous said...

I have to be completely zoned and desirous of no brain activity to even want to watch TV. If I'm going to watch any kind of TV, it is usually one of my favorite movies. I have been watching a lot of Gettysburg lately.

I'm glad you dig watching TV to de-stress in the eve's after a long day in kid-dom!