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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Snakes on a the Yard!

When we went outside to play today, after the sun broke free of the clouds, we found a pile of snakes. There must have been at least 4 in there. The first 2 took off pretty fast. This one, though, stuck around for a while, and let Joe harass him. Joe would take a step near him, and he'd scoot off a bit. This went on for a while.

At this point, the snake turned away from the house and sidewalk, and went towards the trampoline. I was concentrating on getting a good shot, and felt a bug on my foot. I got the shot, and then looked down. It was the 4th snake, and it had just crossed over my foot. Dumb snake!

Finally, he took off for safer ground. Joe followed.

Over the stump, and across the field to the pile of weeds.

At this point, I called Joe back. The snake had made a getaway, fair and square.


Madison McShinsky said...

I think I would have wet myself if a snake touched my foot! Siick!

a said...

It wasn't a dangerous one. Those freak me out. It was just a garden snake

Madison McShinsky said...

Just the picture gives me the heebbie jeebies(ha however you spell that)...We used to play with snakes all the time when we were little(Me, Jenny and Dusty), but they freak me out now!

Lyn said...

im fine with them, but the foot thing might have made me wet too! ha

a said...

if i knew what it was when it was happening, it may have scared me more. but i just thought it was a bug. or a stick. or something. I wasn't really paying attention. After I snapped the picture and looked down, is when I figured out it was a snake. by then, it had already moved on.

The McCullough Family said...

Last summer I saw a snake in the front yard while I was mowing. I ran inside and the lawn mower sat in the same spot for 3 weeks!! I don't do snakes!

a said...

I guess I'm used to them. We have tons of snakes in our yard, and now that it's getting warm, they're all coming out again. We have so many "critter" around here, that I'd never be able to leave the house......or live in it!

We have:

*carpenter ants
*medium ants
*little ants
*ants so small you almost can't see them
*a woodchuck
*squirrels (in the siding)
*birds (also in the siding, or roof, or somewhere like that)
*creepy crawly things that gross me out from the basement! those could make me wet :)